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FirmTek SeriTek/5PM


General System Hardware Requirements
  • Requires a port multiplier compatible PCI-Express or PCI-X to Serial ATA host adapter such as the SeriTek/2SE2-E, SeriTek/2SM2-E and SeriTek/2SE4
  • RAID or non-RAID configurations
  • SeriTek/5PM may need to be turned off during disk configuration changes with some hard disk models
Operating Systems Supported
  • Operating system independent
  • Cross-platform, PC and Macintosh compatible
Enclosure Capacity
  • Five 3.5" hard drive bays
  • Hot-swappable
  • Locking individual drive bays
External Connectors
  • One shielded eSATA Serial ATA receptacle
Cables Supported
  • 7-pin shielded eSATA Serial ATA data cable
Hard Drive Types Supported
  • 3.5" Serial ATA hard drive
  • 1.5 Gbps or 3.0Gbps transfer rate
  • Any capacity
Data Transfer Rates
  • Up to 300 MBytes/second or 3.0Gbits/second burst data transfer rate per drive
Advanced Data Features
  • Fully compliant with Serial ATA 3.0Gbps specification
  • High Performance FIS-based Port Multiplier-aware hardware
  • Supports up to 20 hard drives using four SeriTek/5PM enclosures and a single 4-port SATA PM card
  • Individual drive data transfers
  • RAID-capable: Compatible with most operating system, software, and host adapter based RAID solutions
  • RAID arrays can span across multiple enclosures
  • Direct backplane mounting for reduced EMI
  • Strong vibration resistant design
  • One year limited parts & labor
Enclosure Dimensions
  • 23.15cm(L) x 20.97cm(H) x 15.68cm(W)
Enclosure Weight
  • Enclosure: 4.6Kg (without hard drives)
  • Brushed Anodized Aluminum - Silver Grey
Heat Management System
  • Aluminum body for maximum durability and heat dissipation
  • 3-speed fan control provides advanced cooling options
  • Two quiet exhaust fans 70x70x15mm
  • FAN & TEMP status with LEDs & audible alarm when faulty fan or internal temperature over 60C
  • Mute-able alarm
  • Green LED or no audible alarm
  • Red LED or Audible alarm
Status LEDs
  • Enclosure power on PWR - White
  • Enclosure fan status - Green
  • Disk drive power on LED on each tray - White
  • Disk drive activity LED on each tray - Blue (Not all drives support disk activity LEDs)
Power Input
  • 105-230 VAC
  • 50-60 Hz
  • 220 watts
  • Temperature: +5C to internal temperature of +60C
  • Internal temperature fault at +60C
  • Relative humidity:15% to 80% non-condensating
EMC Compliance
  • EN55022/1998, EN55024/1998 (European Community)
  • FCC Part 15 Class B (US)