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FirmTek dLite Reviews

USB 3.0 Bus-Powered Single Drive Storage Devices
MAD SCIENCE: We connected two FirmTek dLite USB 3.0 bus-powered enclosures to the two USB 3.0 ports of the 2013 MacBook Pro Retina. After striping them (RAID 0), we measured 795MB/s READ, 764MB/s WRITE (AJA System 16GB sequential test). That's faster than the dual SSD bus-powered Thunderbolt Akitio Palm RAID we tested at 712MB/s READ, 527MB/s WRITE. Comes empty; unique installation - push the button, pop open, slip in your SSD or HDD, close and go.

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Nearly 800 MB/sec in RAID 0
Got the dLite's a few days ago -- amazing performance and ease of installation. Nearly 800 MB/sec. r/w in RAID 0 on a new MacBook Pro with 2 Crucial MX100s! I'm a DIT for film and video, so having something this fast -- and affordable -- in a bus powered option is a Big Deal. Thanks very much, great product! Geoff

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Intalled a Sansung EVO 512GB in 1/2 minute
The product is really outstanding, as was your service and communication, everyone owning a Mac should have one. dLite got here OK, intalled a Sansung EVO 512GB in 1/2 minute, backed up my whole computer at supersonic speed ... Great products, many thanks JL Richard