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FirmTek SeriTek/5PM Reviews

MacWorld REVIEW: Versatile, High-Performance Storage System
FirmTek SeriTek/5PM enclosure is an excellent option for users in fields such as audio or video-editing who want to use RAID systems to improve performance or provide additional data security.
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Bare Feats REVIEW: FirmTek SeriTek/5PM Direct-To-Backplane PM Enclosure
FirmTek is one of our favorite enclosure makers for one main reason: the drives connect directly with the backplane. There are no internal cables between the drive and the backplane, reducing the possibility of electro-magnetic interference (EMI). ”
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Fritz Images REVIEW: Firmtek SeriTek/5PM Enclosure
It is BUILT strong. These baby's have run four years non-stop for me. Thru 110 degree summers to 30 degree winters. Thru massive power failures and tons of quick one off brown out failures. My drives have not had any issues nor have the enclosures. ”
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FirmTek Report: SeriTek/5PM Performance with SeriTek/2ME4
With ten 1TB SATA hard disks mounted in two SeriTek/5PM enclosures, RAID 0 average write performance of 413MB/sec. and average read performance of 493MB/sec. was obtained. With four SeriTek/5PM enclosures and twenty hard disks in a RAID 0, average write performance increased by 58% to 637MB/sec. Average read performance increased by 52% to 751MB/sec...

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