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FirmTek SeriTek/Q6G Reviews

The FirmTek SeriTek/Q6G is an affordable, versatile, and high performing storage adapter that you can use to enhance and extend the life of your "pre 2013" Mac Pro.

One More Thing: If you buy the SeriTek/Q6G 6G storage adapter for your Mac Pro and decide to trade it for a Mac that has Thunderbolt, you can still use it! What? Yes, FirmTek will soon release a compact Thunderbolt expansion device. You simply plug the Q6G into the device and connect whatever eSATA drive enclosures you were using with your Mac Pro. Only now they are running through Thunderbolt. Of course, you can also use the Q6G in existing Thunderbolt expansion boxes like the Helios and ExpressBox 3T, but stay tuned for details on the unique FirmTek take on this.

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