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miniSwap/U3 Key Advantages

The FirmTek miniSwap/U3 Trayless, Hot-Swap, external enclosure, provides an ultra high performance USB 3.0 interface for 2.5-inch SSD and HDD. As computers become smaller and lighter the miniSwap/U3 offers an elegant, compact storage solution for Surface Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iMac or Windows computers.

Why customers want the U3
While Barefeats performance tests show the miniSwap/U3 is faster than most bus powered Thunderbolt enclosures, its also amazingly easy to mount HHD/SSD using its trayless deign. When you compare its innovative drive swapping technology to other bus powered enclosures that seal the drive inside their box, there is a world of difference. The thoughtful miniSwap/U3 drive interface provides professional customers with the ability to easily slide 2.5" SATA bare drives in and out . This unique trayless hot-swap design allows different drives to be used for different backup sets and/or projects while supporting an entire drive library with a single enclosure. Multiple miniSwap/U3's can also be used to mount several drives at once.

USB offers Universal Compatibility
No matter what computer you are using, odds are it has a USB port. The miniSwap/U3 offers screaming-fast performance up to 440MB/s for new computers with USB 3.0, while also supporting legacy computers with USB 2.0 ports. Universal USB compatibility makes the miniSwap/U3 a useful tool no matter what computer you might have handy. The small, yet rugged miniSwap/U3 can be integrated as a portable "on-the-go" 2.5" enclosure, or as a space saving, high performance, trayless 2.5" desktop drive mounting station.

Recommended Uses
The miniSwap/U3 hardware is designed to excel with audio/video editing, photography, portable computing, storage expansion, backup and any application where external, trayless, hot swap, high performance, data storage is desirable.

The miniSwap/U3 provides the following Key Advantages:

  • Attractive, bus-powered, portable trayless enclosure supports 2.5-inch SATA SSD or HDD
  • Easy to set up: No screws, no drive tray required, swap drive in seconds
  • Easy to operate: Simply open the door to insert or remove the storage device for virtually unlimited capacity
  • Supports 7mm, 9.5mm, 12.5mm and 14.9mm drive heights
  • High performance design - Integrated Direct Connect SATA backplane; no internal cabling
  • Ultra high 5 Gbit/s bandwidth design with Power and Activity LED
  • Supports SATA 1.5G, 3G or 6G HDD or SSD 2.5-inch form factor with any capacity
  • Can be configured as RAID when used with multiple miniSwap/U3 enclosures - Mac OS X
  • Aluminum case for maximum durability and heat dissipation
  • Ultra quiet, fan free, aluminum heat dissipation cooling system
  • High performance can handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Perfect for both storage-hungry and speed-sensitive applications
  • Cross-platform, PC and Macintosh compatible, operating system independent
  • Expand storage without overloading the computer's power supply or increasing heat within its chassis
  • Works with Macintosh or PC with USB 3.0/2.0 ports running Mac OS X, Windows or Linux
  • Kensington Security Slot